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Truck and Plant Sales for 28 Years


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If you require a truck that can carry loose or bulk materials around a construction or mining site, choosing to purchase one of our durable and reliable tipper trucks would be highly beneficial. Our range of 10 and 6 cube tippers is perfect for heavy-duty hauling and can take on various types of terrain. Each of our 10 cube tippers has a double diff, providing it with the support it needs to carry heavy loads while our 6 cube tippers have single diffs, used for the increased maneuverability of the vehicle. Contact us today to find out more about our tipper trucks!


At Rokon Truck & Plant Sales, we live by our slogan, “load – deliver – repeat.” We aim to continuously provide you with high-end services by giving you access to our fleet of quality lowbed and rollback trucks. Our professional drivers will pick up and deliver any load, including abnormal loads, that you need to have transported from one location to another.

Our lowbed trailers are equipped to handle abnormal loads, providing you with safe and convenient transport. Our trucks are equipped with hydraulic equipment and winches for easy loading and off-loading.

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